Monday, February 6, 2012

Did you catch these After the Harvest Showings?

As word continues to spread, more asked for After the Harvest to be shown in their community. Check out the lastest showings below:

Ongoing: As you already read, the film was accepted into the Media that Matters 2012 (MTM12) Film Festival. For the rest of 2012, MTM12 will travel around the US with the collection of films to areas requesting a showing. This week, the film was shown in two NYC schools: Grace Church School and Bushwick School of Social Justice.

November 24, 2011 : Tutti nello stesso piatto Film Festival accepted and showed After the Harvest in their food-focused film festival in Italy. The film received a special mention with the following accolades: Provocative in a positive way and deeply impactful, “After the Harvest” highlights the issue of food insecurity in the coffee growers communities of Central America. The movie is a little masterpiece also for its ability to document and illustrate with clarity the reality which it is investigating.

September 24, 2011: Blogger, Heather Heagney, hosted a showing of her own. Coincidentally enough, her blog is also called After the Harvest and, hence, the journey began. Her film showing was called “Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest.” The event brought together local business and the community to raise awareness about food insecurity and to raise dollars for Heifer International, an organization highlighted in the film. Her event raised $670!

August 2011 (event August 29-31): The film was shown in Nicaragua at the International Coffee Fonference Ramacafe 2011. event hosted by Ramacafe. The event is origin-focused and draws people from the Latin America region and from around the world.

You can view this documentary on food security in coffee communities here.