Since learning of “los meses flacos,” the annual challenge to food security in the coffeelands, a number of organizations have rallied to support coffee farming families in their efforts to put food on their tables every day of the year. 

Here are just a few organizations that are helping communities build a healthier, more sustainable future by teaching families ways to avoid food shortages and increase nutrition, while also creating greater economic opportunities:

Coffee Cooperatives:

  • Nicaragua, Bolivia, Honduras, and Sumatra

  • Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda

  • Guatemala
Café Femenino
  • Peru
Heifer International
  • Chiapas, Mexico, Honduras and Peru
The Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship at the Tuck School of Business
  • Nicaragua
The Coffee Trust

Coffee Kids

Fundacion Ixil

Mercy Corps


Community Agroecology Network (CAN)

When fully implemented, these projects will touch approximately 20,800 families or about 110,098 people.