Film Screening Resources:
After The Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands downloadable film
En Espanol: After The Harvest Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands downloadable film
A free downloadable, full version of the documentary. 

After The Harvest Screening Poster (PDF)
A free downloadable poster to help spread the word about screening of the After The Harvest documentary.

Studies and Reports:
The Thin Months Revisited, 2014
This report by CIAT and UVM presents results from a household livelihoods study of smallholder coffee farmers in four sites of Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. The research was conducted in 2013 and represents a longitudinal revisit of the same households from a study conducted by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), in 2007.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) Summary of Roya Survey Results
In February 2013, the Sustainability and Coffee Departments at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) teamed up to conduct a survey of our supply chain partners to learn about how rust was affecting producers in their network and to understand the household-level impacts of the rust epidemic.

Food Security and Smallholder Coffee Production: Current Issues and Future Directions
The publication includes information about contributing factors and existing research on food insecurity in the coffeelands, as well as answers a call for promising strategies to address the issue. Written by Professor V. Ernesto Méndez and Martha Caswell, members of the Agroecology and Rural Livelihood Group at the University of Vermont, in conjunction with Christopher M. Bacon in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Santa Clara University.

CIAT Study on Coffee Farmer Welfare, 2007
Original study that revealed the Thin Months phenomenon in Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala

Effects of Fair Trade and organic certifications on small-scale coffee farmer households in Central America and Mexico, June 2010
This study provides a review of sustainable coffee certifications and results from a quantitative analysis of the effects of Fair Trade, organic and combined Fair Trade/organic certifications on the livelihood strategies of households and cooperatives  in Central America and Mexico.

Fair Trade/Organic Coffee, Rural Livelihoods, and the “Agrarian Question”: Southern Mexican Coffee Families in Transition
In this study, the researchers use a random sample of coffee producing households in southern Mexico to compare opportunities associated with government subsidies and migration to the role of Fair Trade/organic coffee in household livelihoods.

Colombia Coffee Sector Study
Study of the Coffee Sector in Colombia. This study sets context for the around food security challenges in coffee-growing communities.

A summary of Action Against Hunger research in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic and Liberia.

A Brief Understanding of Hunger and its Resolution 
A study by Daniele Giovannucci on Social Science Research Network

Dealing With the Coffee Crisis in Central America: Impacts and Strategies
A study by Panos Varngis, Paul B. Siegel, Daniele Giovannucci and Bryan Lewin on Social Science Research Network.

The State of Sustainable Coffee: A Study of Twelve Major Markets
A study by Daniele Giovannucci and Freek Jan Koekeok on Social Science Research Network

Coffee Markets: New Paradigms in Global Supply and Demand
A study by Bryan Lewin, Daniele Giovannucci, and Panos Varangis on Social Science Research Network

Evaluation of Organic Agriculture and Poverty Reduction in Asia
A study by Daniele Giovannucci on Social Science Research Network

Will "We" Achieve the Millennium Development Goals with Small-Scale Coffee Growers and Their Cooperatives? A Case Study Evaluating Fair Trade and Organic Coffee Networks in Northern Nicaragua
A study written by:
Bacon, Chris M., UC Santa Cruz; 
Mendez, V. Ernesto, University of Vermont; 
Brown, Martha, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, UC

Articles and Websites:

Global food prices hit record high. 
Article from 3/4/11 that focuses on rising global food prices, mentioning a number of coffee growing countries.

Environmental Working Group Interactive Map: Hot Spots in the Emerging Global Food Crises

The Thin Months - from World Ark, Winter 2010
Article by Heifer with good data about “los meses flacos” in Chiapas and Heifer projects

How can we tackle 'Seasonal Poverty'?
Article by the Institute of Developmental Studies, July 2009

Catholic Relief Services Coffeelands Blog
Frequently updated Blog from Catholic Relief Services that discusses the intersection of coffee and development. Great resource for on the ground work and perspectives of CRS and smallholder coffee farmers.

CII-ASDENIC Food Security guide
The guide, published in Spanish, is the result of an alliance between CAN, CII-ASDENIC, and PRODECOOP Cooperative, partner organizations in the Las Segovias region of Nicaragua. The alliance sought to use the its guiding  principles of agroecology, cooperatives, gender and generational equity, local knowledge, farmer experimentation, food security, and sovereignty to organize the guide, which is published in five parts and seeks to make food security and sovereignty best practices easily available to organizations and farmers working to promote food security.

Beekeeping in Latin America
Beekeeping can provide additional income for coffee-growing families during the “Thin Months” of seasonal hunger.  The tutorials on this website, along with more in-depth information, provide an overview of the basic components of beekeeping.